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Highly suggest reading Questions & Answers page for useful information, Meet the Parents Page for Health Testing Information, and Resources page for Free Goldendoodle Book and other useful information.

We are a very high quality breeder of Goldendoodles in southwestern Indiana. We love dogs and strive to improve the breed by producing genetically sound, intelligent, calm, puppies with loving personalities and exceptional coats. (We are the original Hilltop Pups, there are some copy cats out there.  The one in Ohio is not related to us at all. We have been breeding Goldendoodles since 2002

The focus of our breeding program is to achieve consistency in coat types and personalities. This will be the first step in gaining AKC recognition. We prefer the stocky Teddy Bear look produced from English Golden Retrievers which have shorter legs, snout, and body length compared to the American Golden Retrievers; they also produce a softer coat that mats less than the American.

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About us:  All our dogs have ample room to run and nice large kennels that keep them warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.  There are pictures to the right of our home and where the dogs are housed. We have placed many puppies in loving pet devoted homes. We will assist and stand behind your purchase. We live on 80 acres, where are dogs get plenty of exercise. We have spent a lot of time researching and seeking out the healthiest dogs to breed with strong pedigrees behind them to back up their long healthy ancestry record. We have imported dogs from Russia, Ireland, Germany, and France. We know our dogs, their health history, their ancestors; many of our dogs are now third and fourth generation Hilltop Pups.  Each puppy is sent home with a written health guarantee covering the puppy's health for 2 years and a spay/neuter contract. Warranty will extend to 3 years if puppy is given NuVet Vitamins. See Warranty page for details. Advice: Stay away from breeders that only cover puppy for one year or do not have their Contract posted on line, do not have their names posted on their website, or pictures of their property. You have the right to know. Google search names to verify breeder has not been involved in lawsuits or raids.

A $300 deposit reserves a puppy. Puppies go home at 8 to 9 weeks old. I will except cash upon pick up, plus sales tax if picking up in Indiana. Credit cards are excepted or payment through Pay Pal prior to pick up. If the puppy is not going home at 9 weeks old than payment in full is expected at 9 weeks old; as I will hold the puppy here until the family has a good time for the puppy to arrive. We request you have your puppy choice confirmed by the time the puppy is between 4 and 5 weeks old, please; in respect for the people waiting to find out which puppies are available.

Hilltop Pups always reserves the right for first pick of any litter.

Our mission statement:  Produce the healthiest dogs with the best personalities and coats.

Motto: Happy well adjusted healthy dogs; produce happy healthy well adjusted puppies.

Puppy Early stimulation Practice:

When the puppies are three days old we start giving them stimulation based on studies that early stimulation makes them more intelligent ; my belief is it builds trust between man and animal allowing the puppy to trust and obey (more open to learning). The stimulation consists of rubbing the bottom of their feet, belly, nose, ears.

Matching puppy to owner practice:

We are here to guide you on your puppy choice and will not make the choice for you; we assist you as to color, coat type, sex, and the puppy personality you are looking for. I post new pictures about every ten days to two weeks. For space I just post one picture on the website; I will gladly email you more pictures and different views.

Parent dogs at Hilltop Pups have been tested by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for Hips, Elbows, Cardiac, and Patellar (knee cap). Yearly eye certification by a board certified opthomologist is conducted to verify the parent dogs are clear from 32 eye diseases that exist. DNA testing to determine breed specific diseases such as: 
DM - Canine Degenerative  Myelopathy     
MDR1- Multidrug Resistance in Cancer  
PRCD - Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration "PRA" 
vWD - von Willebrand Disease

For more information on breed testing and tests conducted at Hilltop Pups LLC refer to the Question and Answer page of this website. There are links on my Meet the Parents page to view the tests performed on each of our dogs.

Visit my Questions and Answer page for valuable information on our practices, house training tips, and many more questions that people have asked most often over the years, plus the Resources page for information on food, vitamins, free Goldendoodle book, free Pet Registry, and grooming videos.

Our sizes:  Click on headers to view litter information:
Height measurements taken at the wither (front shoulder)

     Petite range:  Height: below 14 inches, 25 lbs. or less
Miniature range: Height: 14 to16 inches, typically 26-35 lbs.

  Medium range: Height: 17 to 20 inches, typically 36-50 lbs.

Standard range: Height: 21 to 24 inches
, typically 51- 70 lbs

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  Click on "header titles" for pictures of the puppies
All puppies are $1,800

Indiana Residents and out-of-state residents picking up at Hilltop owe 7% Sales Tax with final payment.

  Polly & Noah - F1B Mini English Teddy Bear
  Goldendoodles - born January 30th
Cream to dark golden red colors

Ginger & Titan - F1 English Teddy Bear
Medium Goldendoodles - born February 16th
One Cafe' Au Lait color boy remaining

Click on headers above for available puppies and upcoming litter information.

F1B Mini English Teddy Bear
Due - 4/30/14 Angel & Noah

F1B Mini English Teddy Bear

Due - 5/2/14 Polly & Noah

F1 Mini English Teddy Bear

Due - 5/4/14 Molly & Noah

F1 Standard English Teddy Bear

Due - 5/9/14 Grace & Titan

F2B Petite English Teddy Bear

Due - 5/11/14  Heidi & Chewbacca

F1 Medium English Teddy Bear
Due - 6/10/14 Sparkle & Titan


Payment Options:
Litter Name, sex or puppy name
Reserve your puppy today for $300!
A $300.00 deposit will reserve a puppy for you. You may reserve or make a puppy payment using the PayPal link above; you are charged 1.5% PayPal user fee. (PayPal charges 3% user fee which you are splitting with the Breeder.) For all other Pay Pal payments you will be charged 3% user fee. We do accept Credit Cards at our house you will be charged the 3% user fee for a credit card fee; I prefer you bring the remainder owed in cash when picking up your puppy. You can send a personal check two weeks before you take possession of your puppy.  Many people pay by check when they come to my house to pick out their puppy so the check has a good 10 days to clear the bank.  All our puppies come with a written 26 month health guarantee against genetic disorders. Tails docked on standard poodles. We raise our puppies for intelligence, and obedience. Our Doodles should be low to no shedding and allergy friendly depending on the coat type they inherit.  A good way to judge the shedding is by how curly the coat is; the curlier the coat the less shedding and more hypoallergenic. We have placed many of our puppies in homes with adults and children that have allergies to animals and they all have done very well. More information on coat types, training, and payment procedures are available on our Question & Answer page; click on link above.

Shipping is available to most continental US destinations. Shipping costs of $380 due prior to shipping; includes crate, vet certification, and destination required vaccinations. We ship pet air cargo. Rest assured we have shipped many many puppies and never had any problems other than a very rare flight delay.
All puppies have arrived at their destinations safe and in perfect condition. Puppies appear to ride in airplanes better than cars; especially through the curvy hilly roads offered by the scenic southern Indiana foot hills.

We accept PayPal, Western Union, Postal Money Orders, or will hold your puppy until your check clears.

 Please contact me before sending payments. I try to update my website at the end of each day, but some days get so busy I may not have time to update until the following morning and I would not want to inconvenience someone with a duplicate payment and have to refund.

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Care Givers

Arnie and Bev Eckert, and family

in Jasper, Indiana.

Family vacation photos :)


   A previous customers with their Labradoodle were interviewed on Fox 7 News Evansville, IN
Picking a "First Dog"
Reported by: Michael Chesney
Sunday, Jan 11, 2009 @09:37pm CST

Thank you Chelsa and Casey.

F1B Labradoodle
Sheba and Winston are Dam and Sire


Around Our Home

"Our Home"


Phoebe is a Shepadoodle, the daughter of Rudy and Sidney. Who would have thought GS's love water, but you can not keep Phoebe out of the pool. We were trying to close the pool for the Winter and Phoebe kept jumping in, so the cold didn't hold her back either.

Winston and Lilly lounging in the pool. Winston was born here to Legacee and Indy. Lilly is our spoiled poodle.


Above is the housing for our adult dogs; their kennel runs are 6 by 24 feet.  Also, houses my grooming/visitation office.

Above is our nursery equipped with heat and air conditioning.  When visiting us you will be allowed to peek inside, but do not be offended that we will not allow you to walk inside the building.  We treat our puppies just as a nursery in a hospital and strive to keep it free of any germs that you could bring in on the bottom of your shoes. Until puppies have had their 3 puppy vaccinations they are not immune to many viruses.  This is why it is recommended when you bring a puppy home not to take it for walks, traveling, or visiting until one week after its last vaccination between 12-16 weeks old.

Here are a few other pictures to get the ideal of our home and how well our dogs are housed.


Lilly is our spoiled Standard Poodle.  Here she is being tucked in bed for the night with our son.

After Lilly had puppies her coat faded to a lighter shade of red.  Below are pictures of Lilly ringing a bell to go outside.  The bell is a wonderful concept for busy homes were you might not always notice your patient dog waiting to go outside.

Nursing home visit wearing her sunglasses and Jacket.

 We love our dogs. Lilly travels everywhere with us; everyone in our town knows her. She sleeps with us and watches TV next to us on the Sofa. Her vocabulary is huge, just by talking to her like a person. We have to spell in front of her, so she doesn't get excited over her favorite words like: let's go, lake, ride, boat, car, snack, etc.She can hear a snack bag open from a 100 yards.