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           Enjoy browsing around our site; lots of pictures! We highly suggest reading the Questions & Answers page for useful information, Meet the Parents Page for Health Testing Information, and New Puppy Owners page for the Free Goldendoodle Training Book and other useful information.   

               We are a very high quality breeder of Goldendoodles in southwestern Indiana. We love dogs and strive to improve the breed by producing genetically sound, intelligent, calm, puppies with loving personalities and exceptional coats.  
        The focus of our breeding program is to achieve consistency in coat types and personalities. This will be the first step in gaining AKC recognition. We prefer the stocky Teddy Bear look produced from English Golden Retrievers which have shorter legs, snout, and body length compared to the American Golden Retrievers; they also produce a softer coat that mats less than the American.


Breeding Goldendoodles since 2002           Bev and Arnie Eckert, Jasper, Indiana

Goldendoodle Breeder Extraordinaire

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Medium & Standard Puppies

Petite Puppies Available

Mini Puppies Available

Miniature Goldendoodle height range from withers (shoulders) is 14 to16 inches and weight is typically between 26-35 lbs.

Petite Goldendoodle height is less than 14 inches from the withers (front shoulder) and weight is typically less than 25 lbs.

Medium Goldendoodle height range is 17 to 20 inches from withers and weight is typically between 36 - 55 lbs.
Standard Goldendoodle height range is over 21 inches and weight is over
55-75 lbs.